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DO NOT JOIN OUR FORUM AND COME IN ADVERTISING OR POSTING LINKS TO OTHER SITES WITH YOUR FIRST (or subsequent) POSTS WITHOUT MY PRIOR APPROVAL AND REVIEW OF THE SITE YOU WISH TO LINK. If you do not have the common courtesy of introducing yourself and sharing in Football discussion, or at least asking for permission before posting links to other sites, then do not join this site. Violators of this policy are subject to being banned immediately for violating our SPAM POLICY.

This is not a "publicly owned message board", it is privately owned and operated by me and my staff. I do not pay for this site so people can come here and spam us with junk and links to visit other websites. IF YOU WISH TO POST ANY LINK TO ANOTHER WEBSITE IN YOUR SIGNATURE OR IN A POST (links to material you are quoting is not included), YOU MUST ASK PERMISSION FIRST. IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN TEN (10) POSTS, YOU MAY NOT POST ANY LINKS WHATSOEVER!


1. Post with civility and respect, You don't have to agree with someone to give them the respect to post their thoughts and you don't have to like someone to be civil to them. If you've come here to flame someone or if you have an axe to grind with someone, go somewhere else!

2. Most of us are adults, but some are not. Any and all references to drugs and sex are inappropriate. Profanity will not be tolerated and any attempts to circumvent the profanity filters will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate dismissal.

3. Racial, ethnic and sexual slurs are grounds for immediate dismissal. Negative name calling of any kind is inappropriate.

4. Please do not use our boards to promote your product, company, or website. If you wish to post the link to your website, you must have it approved by the admin/site owner prior to posting it.

5. No politics, no religion. Period.

6. Free speech is not applicable to message boards, so understand we intend to enforce these rules. We have no problem if that means some of you don't want to post here because of the rules. We wish you the best of luck in finding a new board.

7. If you see a post that violates the Board Rules, or if you see a post that is inappropriate and you have a problem with it, PM a moderator and the post will be looked at.

8. The Carolina Panthers Forum is focused on Carolina Panther Football discussion only. Please use the other forums for other topics.

9. We have created a PSL & Ticket Sales forum in order to help Panther fans who are buying and selling tickets from one another. Please keep all ticket request posts to the PSL & Ticket Sales forum. PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS ONLY - NO COMMERCIAL SALES UNLESS APPROVED BY SITE OWNER!


**After careful consideration, the following information is provided concerning an update of the rules governing posts and replies at the Panthersfanz.com Forums.

Copyright Infringements have come to surface on the web in a big way over the past several months, and quite a few lawsuits have been filed over the subject. Many websites have been shut down by their hosting providers due to copyright infringement and bandwith theft.

That brings us to the second issue, bandwidth theft. When someone copies images from someone else's site and pastes it on another site, it pulls bandwidth from the original site, and doing so without their permission is deemed as bandwidth theft.

Many websites no longer allow you to even link to their site without prior permission or approval. Most sites have a "Legal" page (link) on their site, or have a "Terms", "Conditions", or "Terms of Use" link on their page, which takes you to what is acceptable or not acceptable use of their work, rather written work or graphics.

Some websites don't dedicate an entire page to the subject, but have a copyright statement displayed on their page protecting materials on their website.

In light of these findings, and in order to protect Panthersfanz.com, it's staff, and members from legal actions or sanctions against them, we are implementing a "No Copy-and-Paste" policy for posts.

For this new rule, we ask that you adhere to the following:

1 - Do NOT copy any material, written or otherwise, from any website and post it here at Panthersfanz.com Forums, UNLESS the work being copy and pasted is your OWN work and is being copy and pasted from a site YOU own, either in part or in whole.

2. You MAY post a link to an article and then paraphrase the article in your own words.

3 - If you copy and paste any materials (articles, etc), written or otherwise, from your own website and post it here at Panthersfanz.com, you should state that the work is your own.

4 - If you are using an Avatar or Signature, make sure you have permission to use it "offsite" if the avatar or signature is located anywhere other than Panthersfanz.com. Using an image or graphic from another location without permission is bandwidth theft and can cause legal problems for Panthersfanz.com, and such actions by members cannot be tolerated.

Thanks for helping make Panthersfanz.com one of the best fans sites on the net!